ZODO Tire Appears at the 2024 Russia International Tire and Rubber Exhibition

ZODO Tire Appears at the 2024 Russia International Tire and Rubber Exhibition

April 18, 2024

The 2024 Russia International Tire and Rubber Exhibition is an important event in the global tire industry. As a leader in the Chinese tire industry, ZODO Tire's brilliant appearance at this exhibition not only showcases the innovative strength of the Chinese tire industry, but also demonstrates the competitiveness and influence of Chinese brands in the global market.

The semi steel leading brands such as GRENLANDER, ILINK, ZMAX, FRONWAY brought by ZODO Tire, as well as the all steel leading brands such as GRENLANDER, ILINK, GOLDSHIELD, FRONWAY, fully demonstrate its profound technological accumulation and product innovation ability in the tire field. The product lines of these brands cover HP, UHP, A/S, EV, H/T, A/T, R/T, M/T, WINTER series, etc., meeting the diverse needs of different user groups. The TBR product line covers multiple characteristic tires, including long-distance fixed load, medium and short distance, and mining areas, reflecting the in-depth understanding and precise positioning of ZODO tires in different application scenarios. Especially the studded series products, due to their excellent performance and reliability, have been highly recognized by customers and have stimulated their willingness to cooperate deeply.

The performance of ZODO tires at the exhibition not only enhanced the brand's international image, but also gained widespread recognition from global customers. This fully demonstrates the important position and strong strength of Chinese tire enterprises in the global tire industry.

With the transformation and technological progress of the global tire industry, ZODO Tire will continue to adhere to innovation driven, strengthen technological breakthroughs, and assist in the sustainable development of the tire industry. ZODO Tire is committed to providing more advanced and mature product solutions, bringing better driving and riding experiences to global users, and promoting the tire industry to a higher level.


The future development of ZODO Tire is worth looking forward to, and its performance on the international stage will further promote the internationalization process of China's tire industry, bringing more "Chinese power" to the global tire market.

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