ZODO TIRE Co. Shines at Tyrexpo Asia Bangkok 2024: Third Stop of the 2024 Global Expo Tour

ZODO TIRE Co. Shines at Tyrexpo Asia Bangkok 2024: Third Stop of the 2024 Global Expo Tour

May 17, 2024

On May 15, the highly anticipated Tyrexpo Asia Bangkok 2024 grandly opened at the Bangkok International Exhibition Center. This expo not only provides a platform for global tire manufacturers and suppliers to exchange and collaborate but also offers consumers a wider range of high-quality tire choices. It broadens the horizons of the audience and provides new momentum for the development of the global tire industry.

With the philosophy of "Embracing Technological Advancements, Expanding Worldwide Presence" ZODO TIRE Co. showcased several products tailored to the demands of the Southeast Asian market. These included all-terrain mud tires, high-performance tires, and various new RT tires. These products cater to the diverse driving conditions of users, offering excellent grip, puncture resistance, and maneuverability, along with outstanding handling and safety.

Among them, the new RT tires  CONQUEWIND R/T, TOPFORCE M/T, ZEALION (UHP), and all-steel tires attracted significant attention from industry professionals and global buyers.

During the expo, company representatives engaged in in-depth discussions with many potential customers to understand their needs and feedback, aiming to provide tire products that better meet market demands.

Through this expo, ZODO TIRE Co. demonstrated its strong R&D capabilities and intelligent manufacturing. Additionally, the company has established overseas production facilities(Cambodia) to further deepen its global development strategy, better utilize global resources, and gain more international cooperation opportunities. This will help expand the international market and bring more high-quality, innovative products and services to users worldwide!

ZODO TIRE Co. looks forward to every collaboration with you!

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