At the 6th stop of the 2024 Global Exhibition, Zodo Tire appearance at the 2024 Cologne Tire Exhibition in Germany

At the 6th stop of the 2024 Global Exhibition, Zodo Tire appearance at the 2024 Cologne Tire Exhibition in Germany

June 07, 2024

From June 4 to 6, 2024, the 2024 Cologne Tire Exhibition, Germany, which has attracted the attention of the global tire industry, came to an end at the Cologne International Convention and Exhibition Center.Cologne Tire Show is an international professional trade show in the tire industry, but also a global tire event, this show not only for the global tire manufacturers and suppliers to provide a platform for exchange and cooperation, but also for consumers to bring more diversified, high-quality tire choices.It not only broadens the audience's vision, but also provides new impetus for the development of the global tire industry.

Zodo Tire adheres to the core concept of "technological innovation, global layout".A series of HP and UHP high-performance tires led by the European market, as well as diversified products such as four season tires and studded winter tires are carefully presented to meet the differentiated driving needs of users under different road conditions.These tyres not only have excellent grip and handling, but also exhibit excellent drainage performance, as well as excellent low noise characteristics and environmental standards.

Among them, the HP pattern LANDGEMA tire tailored for the European market, as well as the newly launched studded winter tire ICEDEFENSOR STUD I-III pattern,during the exhibition, the company representatives and many new and old customers conducted in-depth and detailed exchanges, carefully listening to their needs and feedback. In order to pursue continuous optimization of products and better meet market demand.

Through this exhibition, Zodo Tire fully demonstrated its strong research and development strength and manufacturing capacity.At the same time, the company actively promotes the construction of overseas production plants, aiming to further expand the global development strategy, make full use of global resources, and obtain more international cooperation opportunities, so as to expand the international market more widely, and bring more high-quality and innovative tire products and services to global users.

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